Train in your own time !

Chief Instructor Alvin Guinanao has launched his long awaited online learning programme to help students worldwide with their training and development.

The tutorials are a valuable resource for SBL students with limited access to Alvin or an SBL instructor.

You will also gain the added benefits of:

• Referencing tutorials anytime

• Learning new material

• Training at your own pace

• Staying up to date with your training

• Training around your own schedule.

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SBL Tutorials

Basic Blocks

This tutorial outlines: - Basic blocks - From static position - Developing the Gelek Only £15. Available to buy now

Basic Knife

Only £15.
Available to buy now

Ground finishes using kucing

Only £15.

4 Kucing exercises


Basic Upright with Gorund Finish


Kura Kura (turtle



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"The online tutorials are great so far!"

Ashleigh Walker

Tutorials are brilliant - easy to follow, clear,packed with loads of information

Jelece Brown

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Free SBL Tutorial

Promo code: freet2016


1. Pukulan Striking

2. Kucing with shoulder dislocation

3. L step with knee dislocation and back breaker