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About the Founder

Alvin began his training inthe martial arts at an early age, starting with Tae Kwon Do and Karate.

But once he discovered Pencak Silat back in 1995 he felt it had a lot to offer him and was hooked ever since.In 2003 he worked as one of the main Instructors at EastWest Studios in London's Hendon Central where he helped run this full time martial arts, dance and fitness academy.

His work at EWS soon created opportunities to conduct seminars throughout the UK and expanding further afield to Europe and the USA. By mid 2006, Alvin finally completed Pencak Silat training with his teacher bringing him into his own journey in Pencak Silat and other martial arts.

As you go through the journey of Silat your own flow and way will emerge.Like the Silat of old this was one of the ways that Silat systems were created and evolved. After years of trainin, Alvin has been granted permission to follow his own way and expression. The name he has given this expression is "Silat Buka Lingkaran" which translates "Silat Open Circle" describing the fluidity, velocity and connection of the movements, covering all ranges and angles.

Alvin now certifies instructors at their designated stage within the art, and continues to spearhead and create awareness of the developing and expanding Pencak Silat both nationally and internationally.

About us

Welcome to Silat Buka Lingkaran (SBL), which translates as “Open Circle”. This Silat system is a beautiful, dynamic and effective martial art influenced by its roots in Nusantara (old Indonesia) and modern Indonesia.

SBL Fight Music

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Latest Newsflash

Official Anouncement

Leonel Gengko Izmendi has been appointed the official SBL representative in South America.

He has been training SBL for a few years now and in recognition of his dedication and commitment to helping SBL grow in the region, the appointment was made.

 He holds regular SBL classes in his Academy, Equipo GNGK in Montevideo. Get in touch for further information.


Christian Streit has been awarded SBL Instructor status and is fully certified to teach Phase 1 & 2 of the SBL syllabus.

With over 5 years of experience in SBL, he has been training intensively as an apprentice instructor as well as hosting seminars at his gym up to two times a year.

He is already an accomplished martial artist who owns and runs a successful martial arts gym- DCS Fight Gym in Bamberg Germany.

Along the list of many arts taught at the gym, he will now be opening an official SBL class.

Congratulations to both Leonel and Chris and would like you to join me in wishing them all the best in their SBL journey and to continued success.

05 - 06 October | Bamberg, Germany

Another successful seminar in Bamberg, Germany last weekend and a BIG shout out to DCS Fight Gyms head coach Chris Streit for the work in organising the event.

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07 - 08 September | SBL Instructors Workshop

Another great session with the apprentice instructors.

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