SBL Accelerated Instructors Programme (AIP)


The Accelerated Instructors Programme (AIP) is a 1-2 year intensive programme covering the foundation of SBL.

Following completion, you will gain automatic entry into the official instructors programme.

“Join the accelerated instructors programme from anywhere in the world and learn online”

The AIP is suitable for martial artists who:

  • wants to become certified Silat Buka Lingkaran (SBL) Instructor
  • wants to learn SBL but is unable to attend a regular class
  • commit to 1-2 year of intense study
  • is unable to travel to the UK 8 times a year to train and study
  • wants the flexibility to learn online


£400 - SBL Club Members

£800 - Non Members

All applicants should:

  • Have a good level of fitness
  • Be prepared for the training demands that the AIP will place upon them i.e training time
  • Be over 18

What is covered?

In the program you will learn the:

* correct use of upright positions including 6 basic footwork and 6 basic blocks.

* Various takedowns

* Pukulan (continuous striking)

* Jurus (forms)

* the 4 main ground arts ( Buaya, Kucing, Harimau, Kura Kura) 

* understanding and applying principles of gelek and continuous flow of motion

* intro to multiple attackers

* intro to knife & karambit


There will be 8 modules split throughout the duration which will require intense study and training. Each module will be followed up with assessments and feedback.

You also have the option to attend training sessions in London to train with me directly or alternatively learn online.

If you choose to learn online then you will receive a video module bimonthy.

Online One to One Sessions

There be live one-to-one sessions to review the material and your progress progress, give feedback and set goals.

Live Online SBL Conditioning Sessions

You will also be required to take part in live online SBL conditioning sessions, which will be held every 2 weeks. This will focus on increasing your level of fitness, including strength, speed and stamina; building muscle memory and strengthening your SBL postures.

Testimonials from current members on the programme:

Testimonial from Christoph Hoffman, Steinfrenz, Germany.

"I was travelling around the world for many years to explore and train all kinds of martial arts. When I came into contact with Pencak Silat the first time, I immediately fell in love with the art.
Working and living in remote areas of the world it was always difficult for me to train martial arts, especially an exotic art like Silat.
Thanks to Silat Buka Lingkaran I am now enabled to train as a part of a community, where ever I am. That is very precious to me.
The tutorials are very detailed and provide that everybody can learn on their own pace. I love the conditioning sessions every two weeks, which became demanding workout.
I am certain that my abilities will increase significantly during the course period."

Testimonial from Sidney Hanifa, Homburg, France.

Original copy is in French translated into English.

French version:

J'ai découvert Alvin Guinanao et son système le Buka  Lingkaran à travers des vidéos sur Youtube. J'ai de suite était très impressionné par sa vitesse d'exécution, ses changements de hauteur, sa maitrise et le contrôle du combat. Cette impression que le combat est sous son contrôle et que lui seul choisit le moment où le combat doit s'arrêter...c'est bluffant.
Ayant pratiqué l'Aïkido durant de longues années, j'ai retrouvé des similarités que j'appréciais dans cet art. Malheureusement, vivant loin de Londres, je n'avais pas la possibilité de participer à ses cours pour en apprendre plus. J'ai continué à visualiser ses vidéos en espérant qu'il puisse passer un jour non loin de chez moi...jusqu'au jour où j'ai reçu par newsletter, une offre concernant un apprentissage en ligne.
Pratiquant le e-learning pour des raisons professionnelles, j'ai décidé d'essayer et je dois avouer que je ne suis pas déçu.
Son représentant Ash est un digne élève d'Alvin, le système y est vraiment bien représenté.
Les vidéos sont de très bonnes qualités et le cours est très bien organisé.  Les explications sont claires et détaillées. Les techniques sont exécutées sous différents angles, ce qui permet vraiment de voir tous les détails. Un des avantages est de pouvoir mettre sur pause et de revoir la technique.
Ensuite, en dehors des sessions propres aux techniques, il y a les sessions de «conditioning » qui sont vraiment excellentes et très intéressantes dès lors que l'on commence à appréhender les techniques du système. Le but de cette session est de faire travailler le cardio tout en appliquant différents mouvements que l'on retrouve dans les techniques. Ce travail permet de faire progresser son physique, son cardio et ses positions sans pour autant se focaliser sur une technique précise.
Ash est vraiment merveilleux et très gentil. Il est très passionné et toujours disponible en cas de question. Je lui envoie mes vidéos pour lui montrer mon travail et mes évolutions puis ensuite on réalise une visio-conférence en "one to one" afin qu'il puisse me faire un retour et m'aider à me perfectionner dans mon travail.
Faire du e-learning peut être compliqué, il faut être déterminé, travailleur, persévérant et exigeant envers soi-même.
J’ai l’avantage de pratiquer les sports de combats depuis un long moment et j'ai également la chance de pouvoir dispenser des cours, ce qui m’aide beaucoup pour appréhender les techniques et me poser les bonnes questions. Pour ceux qui n’ont pas la possibilité d’assister à des cours et qui aimeraient découvrir ou se former à ce système, je vous recommande fortement la méthode AIP.

English version

I have known Alvin Guinano and his system Buka Lingkaran by watching Youtube and I was immediately  impressed by his speed, the variation of heights and the control of the fight. I wondered if this system was as effective as it seems. There isn’t any classroom in my area, so it is difficult to test. One day, I had the opportunity to subscribe to the AIP and as I am used to using the e-learning in my job, I decided to test. The training is not yet finished but at the moment, I am very glad, I like what I have learnt. It is not easy, because you are alone and far from the instructor, so you have to be very determined, self-demanding, persevering and hardworking, but the instructor Ash is very perfect. He is a worthy student of Alvin, the system is really well represented. The videos are very good  qualities and the course is very well organized. The explanations are clear and detailed. The techniques are executed from different angles, which really allows to see all the details. One of the advantages is to be able to pause and review the technique.

I recommend also to participate in the conditioning courses, it helps a lot. The goal is to work the cardio by using the positions and movements of the system. This work helps to improve your strength, your stamina, and your positions without focusing on a specific technique.

Ash is really wonderful and very kind. He is very passionate and always available in case of questions.

In order to check my work, I send to him some video about my work and next, we do a one to one web session.

In this condition, he can give me a feedback and help me to improve my work.

I have the advantage of practicing fight sports for a long time and I also have the chance to give  courses in an another system. All these things help me a lot to understand the techniques and to focus on the principal point.

I recommend the AIP for all the people who want to learn this beautiful system

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the Accelerated Instructors Programme?

The duration is upto 2 years but it can be completed in 1 year if you are training full time.


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