James Kennaway
SBL Scotland Rep

I started training in martial arts around 1995 when I attended my first Karate class. Then I went on to study Mixed Combat Systems at the John McKean Academy, this is where I was first introduced to Silat. I then became a member of the Paisley Silat Club in 2013 (this is where I first discovered SBL).

I am currently the instructor for SBL Paisley after being granted my Phase 1 Instructorship in 2018 from chief instructor Alvin Guinanao.

Training and teaching SBL has had great benefits for me personally with fitness, mobility, mindset and I have made some life long friends along the way in fellow instructors and students.

Outside of the school I am father of 3, football coach and work as an IT contractor. The journey for me never ends I will always keep assessing where I need to grow in all aspects of life and work to develop myself in all my passions.


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