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Unlock Your Potential: Become a Certified SBL Martial Arts & Fitness Instructor


Welcome to the SBL Accelerated Instructors Programme

Are you passionate about martial arts and fitness?
Do you want to take your skills to the next level and make a meaningful impact?
Having difficulty with financing it all ?

The SBL Accelerated Instructors Programme is a groundbreaking fusion of SBL Martial Arts and cutting-edge fitness coaching. This unique programme equips you with not one, but two certifications - a SBL Foundation Certified Instructor and a SBL FIT Certified Coach.

Plus it’s designed to empower you to finance your own certification (earn as you learn) and gain valuable teaching experience early on in your fitness journey.

We understand the significance of hands-on learning and financial independence, and we have crafted a program that will enable you to accelerate your learning and development while also taking control of your financial investment.


Programme Overview

This is a comprehensive programme that spans the rich heritage of Silat, the fighting art and body conditioning techniques. This combination creates a holistic learning experience that enhances your mobility, strength, mental discipline, and teaching capabilities.

Dual Certification

Gain certifications in both SBL Martial Arts and SBL FIT, making you a versatile instructor.

Earn as You Learn

Start teaching SBL FIT classes after 6 months, generating income while you learn.

Holistic Training

Master the art of combining martial arts with primal movement-inspired fitness.

Weekly Classes

3-4 live online classes held during the week covering SBL & SBL FIT.


Unlimited access to your mentor, providing personalised guidance and support.

Teaching Innovations

Learn techniques to engage students, create dynamic lessons, and tailor training to individual needs.

Community & Support

Join a network of instructors, mentors, and peers for ongoing guidance and inspiration.

Launch New Classes (for existing club owners)

Increase your club's appeal with a new martial arts style and fitness program.

Personal Growth

Challenge yourself, overcome obstacles, and witness your own transformation.

Certification & Progression

Upon successful completion of the program, participants can further their learning and advance to more specialised instructor levels.

Online Learning Platform

Dedicated online portal accessible 24/7 containing all the resources to reinforce learning.

Learning Components

SBl section is taught via modules ans SBL sessions  are live interactive online sessions

Key Benefits

#Dual Certification


Through the SBL Accelerated Instructors Programme, you'll earn both the **SBL (martial arts) foundation certification** and the **SBL FIT body conditioning certification**.

This powerful dual certification is your ticket to unparalleled expertise, positioning you as a respected leader in both martial arts and fitness instruction.
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Foundation Certification
SBL Certified Instructor

  • Immerse yourself in the artistry and techniques of Silat, learning its intricate forms, strikes, and defense maneuvers.
  • Understand the philosophy and history of Silat, connecting with its cultural significance.
  • Gain the skills to lead engaging and effective Silat sessions, empowering your future students.
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Foundation Certification
SBL FIT Certified Fitness Coach

  • understand the primal movements for body conditioning, including strength training, mobility, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness and mental strength.
  • Learn to design tailored fitness sessions that cater to diverse fitness levels and goals.
  • Acquire the knowledge to prevent injuries and promote overall well-being through proper conditioning.
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#Earn As You Learn


We understand that as a passionate martial artist, your goal is not just to teach, but also to create a sustainable income stream that aligns with your values.

Start teaching SBL Fit Classes in 6 months

The AIP programme introduces a revolutionary concept - the ability to start teaching beginner-level SBL FIT classes as you progress towards completing your Dual Certification.

This means you can earn while you learn by teaching body conditioning classes to students who share your enthusiasm for martial arts, fitness and personal growth. This not only allows you to impact lives but also provides a source of income that supports your journey.

Projected Income:

This table provides a detailed breakdown, illustrating income projections and the estimated time required to cover the course fee through the income generated by teaching 1 class per week.

No of Students
Classes Per Week
Monthly Income
(£5 per session)
No of Month's to Cover Course Fee (Approx)













#Holistic Training

Body, Mind, and Spirit


We believe that true wellness goes beyond physical fitness; it encompasses the well-being of your body, mind, and spirit. The AIP programme is designed to provide you with a holistic journey of transformation, offering benefits that extend far beyond the physical.

Benefits for the Body

  1. Physical Fitness: Through our program, you'll enhance your physical strength, flexibility, and endurance. You'll develop a healthier body, reduce the risk of injury, and boost your overall fitness levels.

  2. Health and Wellness: As you progress, you'll experience increased confidence in your physical abilities. This newfound self-assuredness can positively impact various aspects of your life.

  3. Energy & Vitality: Engaging in martial arts and body conditioning enhances your energy levels, leaving you feeling more vibrant and ready to take on life's challenges.

Benefits for the Mind

  1. Mental REsilience: Martial arts and fitness training demand focus, discipline, and mental resilience. These skills translate into your everyday life, helping you overcome obstacles and stay resilient in the face of adversity.

  2. Stress Reduction: Regular practice promotes stress reduction, offering a mental sanctuary where you can unwind, clear your mind, and find balance amidst life's demands.

  3. Enhanced Cognitive Function: Physical activity has been shown to enhance cognitive function, including improved memory, concentration, and problem-solving abilities.

Benefits for the Spirit

  1. Self Discovery: The journey of martial arts and teaching is also a journey of self-discovery. You'll tap into your inner strength, uncover hidden talents, and develop a deep sense of self-awareness.

  2. Mind-Body Connection: As a certified SBL instructor, you'll inspire others, fostering a sense of purpose and fulfillment that uplifts not only your spirit but the spirits of those you teach.

  3. Community & Connection: Joining our program means becoming part of a community that shares your passion for martial arts, fitness, and personal growth. You'll forge meaningful connections and lifelong friendships with like-minded individuals.

We're committed to providing you with a holistic journey that nurtures your body, sharpens your mind, and uplifts your spirit. It's more than just a program; it's a path to holistic well-being and personal transformation.

#Weekly Classes


Weekly Live Online

Our experienced instructors will lead these live sessions, providing invaluable insights, tips, and demonstrations. They bring years of expertise to help you grasp the nuances of martial arts techniques and primal/body conditioning exercises.

Here's what you can expect:

Expert Guidance

Our experienced instructors will lead these live sessions, providing invaluable insights, tips, and demonstrations. They bring years of expertise to help you grasp the nuances of martial arts techniques and body conditioning exercises.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Each week, we'll cover different aspects of SBL and SBL FIT, ensuring a well-rounded understanding of both disciplines. From martial arts forms and techniques to body conditioning exercises and safety protocols, you'll receive a comprehensive education.

Interactive Learning

These classes aren't passive webinars; they're interactive and participatory. You'll have the opportunity to ask questions, seek clarifications, and engage with instructors and fellow participants in real-time.

Recordings for Review

We know that life's commitments can sometimes clash with class schedules. Don't worry! All our live online classes are recorded and made available to participants for review. If you miss a class, you can access the recording to catch up on what you've missed.
Our weekly live online classes are a vital component of the AIP program, providing you with the knowledge, skills, and support needed to excel as an SBL Instructor.



Unlimited Access to Your Mentor

We're not just about fitness; we're about personal growth. The AIP challenges you, helps you overcome obstacles, and lets you witness your own incredible transformation.

Unlimited access to your mentor is more than just a perk...

it's a vital resource on your path to becoming a certified SBL instructor.

Our mentors are passionate about your success and are here to provide the personalised guidance and support you need to achieve your goals.

Why Unlimited Access Matters ?

We're not just about fitness; we're about personal growth. The AIP challenges you, helps you overcome obstacles, and lets you witness your own incredible transformation.
Tailored Learning

Your mentor is not just an instructor; they are your partner in learning. They will work with you to understand your unique goals, strengths, and challenges, tailoring the program to suit your individual needs.

We are committed to your success, and we understand that personalized guidance is often the key to unlocking your full potential. That's why we offer unlimited access to your dedicated mentor throughout your journey in the AIP.

#Community & Support


Building Connections, Fostering Growth

We believe that growth and success thrive in a supportive community. When you join the AIP , you're not just embarking on a fitness journey; you're becoming part of a dynamic network of instructors, mentors, and peers. Here's why our community is a cornerstone of your experience:

Collective Wisdom

Our community is a treasure trove of collective knowledge and experience. Engage in discussions, share insights, and tap into the wisdom of seasoned instructors. Whether you're looking for teaching tips or seeking advice on your fitness journey, you'll find a wealth of expertise.

Peer Support

Your peers are your partners in progress. Share your triumphs and challenges, celebrate achievements together, and provide support during tough times. The bonds you form with fellow participants can last a lifetime.

Endless Inspiration

Surround yourself with like-minded individuals who share your passion for martial arts, fitness and teaching. The energy and enthusiasm within our community are contagious, motivating you to push your boundaries and reach new heights.

A Sense of Belonging

In our community, you're not just a participant; you're family. You'll find a sense of belonging, a place where you can be yourself, share your passion, and celebrate the collective achievements of our fitness family.
When you join, you're not only investing in your fitness education; you're investing in a vibrant, supportive community that will fuel your journey to success. Together, we'll inspire, motivate, and achieve greatness in the world of martial arts, fitness and teaching.

#Existing Club Owners


Are you an existing club owner looking to invigorate your offerings and attract new members? Look no further, we're here to help you elevate your club's appeal with the introduction of a new martial arts style and fitness program.

Why Launching New Classes Matter ?

Expand Your Membership
Offering something fresh and exciting draws the attention of potential members looking for variety in their fitness routines. It's a surefire way to expand your club's reach.

#Certification & Progression

We believe that success is not just about achieving a certification; it's about continuously advancing and evolving.
Upon successful completion of the AIP, participants unlock a world of opportunities for further learning and specialisation.

Why Certification & Progression Matter ?

Certification is a testament to your dedication and expertise. It recognizes your commitment to becoming a skilled SBL instructor.

Our Commitment to Your Growth

We're dedicated to nurturing your growth and advancement. Beyond certification, our program offers a clear pathway to specialised instructor levels, ongoing learning, and career development opportunities. We provide the guidance and resources you need to keep pushing your boundaries and achieving new heights in the world of SBL instruction.

Join us, and let's embark on a journey that goes beyond success. Your certification is just the beginning of an exciting adventure of self-discovery, specialisation, and leadership in the fitness and martial arts world.

#Payment Plans

We understand that flexibility is important, which is why we offer two payment options:

3 Monthly Instalments

  • 1 Year Course
  • Dual Certification SBL + SBl FIT
  • Earn As You Learn
  • Unlimited Access to Mentor
  • Online Weekly Class
  • 24/7 Access to Online Learning Platform


  • 1 Year Course
  • Dual Certification SBL + SBL FIT
  • Earn As You Learn
  • Unlimited Access to Mentor
  • Online Weekly Class
  • 24/7 Access to Online Learning Platform

We're committed to your satisfaction and success. We believe in the quality of the AIP and its ability to transform your fitness and teaching journey. That's why we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Our Guarantee to You:

  • No-Risk Enrollment: Enroll in our program with confidence. If you find that our program does not meet your expectations within the first 30 days, simply let us know.

  • Hassle-Free Refund: We want your journey to be worry-free. Request a refund within 30 days of your enrollment, no questions asked. We're here to make the process smooth and hassle-free.

  • Your Satisfaction Matters: Your satisfaction is our top priority. We're dedicated to delivering a program that exceeds your expectations and supports your goals.

  • Empowerment: We're confident that you'll see the value and potential in our program. But, in case you don't, we believe in empowering you to make the right choice for your fitness and teaching aspirations.



1. What is the SBL Accelerated Instructors Programme (AIP)
The SBL Accelerated Instructors Programme is a comprehensive 1-year training experience that combines the SBL (martial arts) foundation certification and the SBL FIT body conditioning certification. This dual certification empowers you to become a certified SBL martial arts and fitness instructor.
9. Do I need previous martial arts or fitness experience to enroll?

Yes, prior martial arts experience is required to enroll in the AIp program. It's designed for individuals with a foundation in martial arts and a desire to expand their teaching capabilities.


We're proud of the transformative journeys our AIP students have embarked upon. Here's what some of our students have to say about their experiences:
Sidney Hanifa, SBL Rep for France, found transformation through SBL, blending martial arts and spiritual growth.
Ivaylo Dimitrov, martial artist of 30 years, embraces SBL for holistic body and mind training.
Radovan Bujok praises AIP and SBL for its transformative martial art and personal instructor, Ash.

Ready to Begin Your Journey

Take the first step towards your success with the SBL AIP (Acceletrated Instructors Programme). Don't miss out on this opportunity to join our program and receive personalized guidance. Complete your application now to secure your spot. Contact us or apply now to get started.

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