SBL Accelerated Instuctor Programme (AIP)

The Accelerated Instructors Programme (AIP) is a 1-2 year intensive programme covering the foundation of SBL.

Following completion, you will gain automatic entry into the official instructors programme.

“Join the accelerated instructors programme from anywhere in the world and learn online”

The AIP is suitable for martial artists who:

  • want to become certified Silat Buka Lingkaran (SBL) Instructor
  • want to learn SBL but is unable to attend a regular class
  • commit to 1-2 year of intense study
  • is unable to travel to the UK 8 times a year to train and study
  • want the flexibility to learn online

Entry Requirements
All applicants should:
  • Have a good level of fitness
  • Be prepared for the training demands that the AIP will place upon them i.e training time
  • Be over 18



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