Train Live online

Challenging, efective online training to develop your body and mind using the SBL curriculum.

These sessions will defintely get you fit and increase your skills and knowledge.

Monthly Subscription

£32 x 2 sessions per week

£40 x 4 sessions per week + free access to SBL TV


What is covered ?

We cover body conditioning from the SBL Curriculum covering the Kucing (cat), Buaya (crocodile), Harimau (tiger) and Kura Kura (turtle), Jurus (forms). 


Under the watchful eye of the instructor, you will receive feedback live on air.


What time are the sessions & are recordings available if I miss them

The sessions are held on Tuesdays and Thursday at the following times:

9.30am-10.30am (BST)
7.30pm-8.30pm (BST)

Each Session is 1hr.

Each session is recorded so you can stream and train it whenver you want.

Price Plans

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SBL ELITE ?

SBL ELITE is a full training package containing LIVE ONLINE training plus full access to SBL TV.

The sessions are delivered by Chief Instructor Alvin Guinanao & Deputy Chief Instructor/Head of Body Conditioning Ash Miah. We also have a Guest Instructor each week.

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