SBL Instructors Course

The Instructors Course is broken down into 7 phases which covers the complete syllabus extensively, ensuring the apprentice instructor is fully equipped in all manner of teaching the art in it’s entirety.

The 7 phases are:

  • Phase 1 - Ground fighting
  • Phase 2 - Upright Fighting
  • Phase 3 - Locks, Chocks and Grabs
  • Phase 4 - Multiple Attackers
  • Phase 5 - Kembangan
  • Phase 6 - Weaponry
  • Phase 7 - Full Weaponry

The course is broken down into 4 Instructor Workshops during the course of the year.

Each workshop is 2 days long and held over the weekend.

Saturdays will cover the physical aspects of the art which includes body conditioning, pad work, drills, forms and techniques.

Sundays will cover the theory including principles, movements, postures and teaching.

Entry Requirements
To apply:
  • you must be over 21
  • must have completed the SBL Accelerated Instructors Program
  • trained SBL regularly and recommended by a SBL Instructor

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