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Train with the founder Learn directly from the founder, Chief Instructor Alvin Guinanao; Deputy Chief instructor Ash Miah and guest instructors Live training Lessons are structured, broken down and easy to learn. Live Q & A's Take the opportunity to ask questions during live sessions. 3 classes per week Classes are held on Thursdays & Saturdays. Suitable for all Classes are suitable from 15+ onwards, all abilities and levels. SBL students An essential training kit for all SBL Clubs, students and instructors. Streaming tutorials Choose from a selection of tutorials to train in your own time. Live online seminars Now's your opportunity to experience a seminar. There will be 6 held per year. Get feedback Get feedback online during training sessions. 150+ hours of live training annually That's 6 hours a week. EU, UK & US timezones Our times cover European and US timezones. Mixed Martial Arts Good for learning new applications, skillsets, training methods or if you just want to learn something new. Knowledge & performance Training in our programme is guaranteed to get you moving the SBL way Recordings Catchup up on missed sessions or playback lessons again. Save time and money Save time and money. Unbelievable value. Skill levels Classes are tailored for all levels of skills - from beginner to advanced. Both levels can train together and be inspired. Long distance learning Until an SBL Club opens up near you, these package will get you ready !! We promise !!

SBL LIVE - Live Online Interactive Lessons

Train alongside the founder - Chief Instructor Alvin Guinanao and other guest Instructors.

This is the place where a theme is covered in greater depth i.e footwork, angles of attacks, defence against weapons etc.

Both the theory and physical aspects are covered as well as making sure everyone is moving correctly. Attending these session will enhance your development, knowledge and understanding of the art.

With over 40 years of combined training we have formulated the art to be transmitted easily.

You'll also have the oportunity to ask questions, if unsure about anything.

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Benefits Executing SBL postures and techniques efficiently Learning the inner aspects of the art Finishing a fight quickly & efficiently Developing fluidity and flow without thinking Developing the ability to move, manoeuvre, escape, attack and defend from all ranges 150+ hrs of online learning per year Ask questions and get feedback

Weekly Timetable


Weekly Timetable

Classes available in EU, UK and US timezones.

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What is SBL LIVE ?
These are the live online sessions for learning Silat Buka Lingkaran.

A wealth of resources to help you master and develop your knowledge and skill in Pencak Silat.

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