Andrea Citarelli
SBL Italy Rep


Andrea began his martial arts journey in 1988 with Karate, a discipline that he has practiced and taught for 20 years.

A few years later, in 1991 he had his the first approach to Silat, thanks to his teacher who returned from a trip to Malaysia and showed him what he had practiced ... a few things, but enough to understand that this would be his path.

In 1999 he joined AKEA, the first Italian national association dedicated to these South East Asian disciplines and Jeet Kune Do, until he became technical director in 2013.

Professional martial arts and self defense teacher since 1995, Andrea Citarelli has always dedicated himself to the study of teaching and training. The list of titles and experiences acquired over many years of professionalism allows him to range from the strictly martial sector to that of personal defense, from sports to the organizational one, with a pragmatic and functional approach.

As AKEA Director, he chose Silat Buka Lingkaran as the art to spread in Italy and so, since 2015, he invite Alvin regularly for open seminars and Instructors classes.

In addition to being SBL Italy Representative, he holds prestigious positions at national and international level:

• AKEA Technical Director
• National Technical Director HARDENED TARGET Self Protection System under GM Thomas G. Sipin
• Italian Representative of PEKITI TIRSIA KALI under Tuhon Willam R. McGrath
• Co-founder and Italian Director of GLOBAL STICK AND BLADE ALLIANCE (G.S.B.A.)



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