Meet Our Team

Alvin Guinanao
Alvin GuinanaoFounder
Chief Instructor
Chris Streit
Chris StreitSBL Germany Rep
Janci Vocek
Janci VocekSBL Slovakia Rep
Yahia Tunnesen
Yahia TunnesenSBL Belgium Rep
Ash Miah
Ash MiahDeputy Chief Instructor
Head of Body Conditioning
Danny McCavanagh
Danny McCavanaghSBL Ireland Rep
Leo Izmendi
Leo IzmendiSBL South America Rep
Shawn Zirger
Shawn ZirgerSBL Canada Rep
Andrea Citarelli
Andrea CitarelliSBL Italy Rep
James Kennaway
James KennawaySBL Scotland Rep
Loic Pelnice Contratempo
Loic Pelnice ContratempoSBL France Rep
Atilla Nyitrai
Atilla NyitraiSBL Hungary Rep
Janel Barlongo
Janel BarlongoSBL US Rep
Michael Jupp
Michael JuppSBL Australia Rep

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