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Silat Buka Lingkaran....What keeps me coming back!

There is only ever one thing that keeps me moving forward with an organization, and that is value.

In this case the value of this training to my personal development and longevity in the martial arts.

There are lots of other reasons to stay with this group, they care, the stay in contact, there is no intrigue or political maneuvering because the people are straight forward and genuinely want to see you do well.

And while all of that makes it easy to keep coming back, it is the fact that the conditioning work of this system is so well thought out and presented that you actually have fun while doing some critically important work on your body.

I have been aware of this system for a long time. When ever I saw videos of Alvin Guinano I thought to myself, that is some sharp looking silat.

I was quite familiar with traditional forms of silat at the time, I was already an instructor under the Inosanto banner and we very excited about pulling more of the content into my studies.

Honestly tho, at the time, it looked similar to much of what I had seen, and I was looking for different.

As a result, I missed out on a few years of exposure because I didn’t get close enough to see what was truly awesome about it.

When I finally met Alvin and trained with him, I realized that I had found a real gem in the world of Silat.

Alvin had been practicing this art for a considerable time, his execution and application of the art of Silat speaks for itself with explosive energy, deceptive timing and brutal finishes.

However, it is Alvins attention to detail in the needs of a western practitioner that holds him high up above his peers in the seminar scene. He recognized early on that a western body, used to all of the luxuries of western culture, but most notably chairs and couches, is not well suited for the dynamic and flexible movements of Silat.

With many years of experience behind him and a willingness to discover solutions Alvin designed a program that was entirely capable of allowing people to transform themselves into capable Silat practitioners.

I feel that it is partly due to this experience that Alvin and his instructors are so careful about their work with people struggling through physical limitations, yet still dedicated to the training.

We all know that if done with care and patience, one can heal their injuries and nurture their body back to high performance with these strength and mobility exercises.

For myself, I have many injuries, some have resulted in serious limitations in the hips and low back due to disk and nerve involvement.

If you saw how quickly I go from stiff and sore to confident and mobile through this training, they you too would see the value of this system.

I would like to see everyone in the world training this stuff.

I have been a massage therapist for 35 years in Canada, and I can’t think of a more generically helpful thing for our health than knowing how to safely fall down and get back up again.


Older Generation

I would love to get our entire aging population doing this work because when you can reach the floor safely and get up easily, a huge weight is lifted off of everything in your day to day experience.

Younger Generation

Young people should learn this because it can lead to huge gains in strength, flexibility and endurance, and what’s more is it is fun!

Why not get more, the fact of the matter is that these conditioning exercises comprise the majority of what we work on in SBL classes, but you are also learning self defence in a super fun and supportive environment.

If you don’t know, self defence and martial arts do not make you violent, the guard you from violence and they alleviate the stress of not understanding conflict. You simply get more for your time and money.

I strongly suggest that you log in and find out more about Silat Buka Lingkaran fully available online, or you can come train it with me at Zirger Academy of Martial Arts.

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There are exercises trending out there, things like animal movement that are gaining ground in the market, but to me these are just superficial grabs from the original animal styles of silat and kung fu.

Shawn Zirger
Shawn ZirgerHead Instructor At Zirger Acadmey of Martial arts
Shawn Zirger is the Owner & Head Instructor at premier combative martial arts school in Toronto specializing in real world solutions, historical context and unconventional fitness programs. Founded in 2004, FACT is committed to upholding the values of collaboration, healthy living and the pursuit of warriorship. They have youth programs, family classes, weapons skills, JKD, FMA, Silat, Judo, Kalis Ilustrisimo, and several fitness programs. Shawn is also a qualified Massage Therapist with over 25 years experience.

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