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Free Online Seminar - Knife vs Empty Hand

Starts: Sunday, 12 June 2022 05:00 PM (BST)
Ends: Sunday, 12 June 2022 08:00 PM (BST)
Location: Online via ZOOM

Event Description

Empty hand disarms are a last resort if you can’t escape find a barrier or a shield or weapon.

Be aware that no matter how superb your methods are, you will get cut in a knife fight.

Find a barrier, a shield, or a weapon if you can't get away. The last line of defence against a knife is empty hands, and it's critical that we have the skills and confidence to deal with these types of situations.

While there are many techniques, this seminar will emphasise the significance of ingraining principles and exercises into the body that will allow you to defend and create openings to disarm the attacker and unleash a barrage of strikes, takedowns, pins, locks, and breaks, or to escape.

This is a FREE Open seminar for all levels.

If you like the content and would like to learn the art in more detail, you will have the opportunity to join the Knife vs Empty Hand course starting on the 16th June.


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